Not Just A Wall


About Me

I graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 2013. Since living the “art” life is not my idea of a comfortable living, I do it on the side. This is my passion and pleasure when I’m not programming.

I mainly work in Acrylic or Pencil, but can also do graphic design work, oil, charcoal, or ink. I typically build my art on the computer before putting it to canvas. This helps me ensure the person I’m doing art work for likes the piece before I put real time in. I can paint on any surface. If you are looking for a mural, I can do that as well. I’ve painted several. If you would like to see these, please let me know.

I am available to anyone looking for a master piece for their house or a gift for a friend/family member. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.